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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette – Who Is Invited?

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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner EtiquetteAccording to wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette, only guests who are invited to your wedding are invited to your rehearsal dinner. That does not oblige you to invite all your guests, limit your guest selection to your immediate family, your wedding party and their spouses. It might be painful to draw the line and exclude some family members, but let’s get realistic that you are already paying for an expensive wedding and it might be hard to incur excessive rehearsal dinner costs.

There’s perhaps one strict rule that our wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette requires is not to invite people who have not been already invited to the wedding to your rehearsal dinner.

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Many wedding invite etiquette experts agree that it simply might hurt some people and raise a question on “Why am I not invited to the wedding?
Wedding rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for you and your family to reflect upon the upcoming wedding and have a good time together. Wedding traditions do not dictate the rehearsal dinner to be flashy and pompous, you are welcome to choose virtually any venue for your rehearsal dinner ranging from hosting it at home, sports bar or a nice restaurant. Your choice solely depends on your preferences and budget.

Some wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette suggests that groom’s parents help the new couple pay for their rehearsal dinner; however, this is just a suggestion and not a mandatory rule to follow. Nowadays, wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette traditions are rather laid back and have very few musts. Like, for example, with rehearsal invite etiquette there are also no strict rules to adhere and you do not have to send out formal written rehearsal dinner invitations, an email or a phone call should suffice especially if you are planning a low key event.

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