Wedding Tuxedo Styles – How To Choose For Your Body Shape?


Wedding Tuxedo StylesWhen it comes to men’s wedding tuxedos a lot of guys are not sure whether they should buy or rent a tuxedo. The decision solely depends on your lifestyle. If you are planning on attending a lot of formal black tie events in the near future like fundraisers, work conventions or you have several important celebrations lined up, by all means consider purchasing a tuxedo. If you are more a casual guy who would rather wear his T-shirt and a pair of khakis on any given day, wedding tuxedo rentals are for you.

To rent a tuxedo depending on the wedding tuxedo styles will cost you anywhere between 10-30% of a full retail price if you were to buy one. It’s no surprise that weddings are expensive and it’s very wise to save money where you can.

No matter whether you decide to rent or to buy a tuxedo, choosing among various wedding tuxedo styles could be a daunting challenge for a groom to be. Wearing ill fitting wedding tuxedo styles inappropriate for your body shape could be avoided by consulting a knowledgeable sales associate and trying on several styles to see which will work better for you.

Single breasted wedding tuxedo styles could complement virtually all body types. However, if you have a below average height and have packed on a few extra pounds, a double breasted tuxedo might work better for you since it can cover a belly better than a single breasted style. Additionally, if you are on a shorter side, consider trying on a cutaway tuxedo that helps you appear visually taller.

Classical tails wedding tuxedo style is ideal for tall and well proportioned men, men who are on a heavy side or short should avoid this style at any cost. It’s also important to take into account whether you should go for a high or low waist style tuxedo vest. A low waist tuxedo vest complements most body shapes unless it’s not properly sized. A high waist variety is more appropriate for taller and wide shouldered men.

Finding the right type of tuxedo collar is also important and can either make or break even a well fitted tuxedo. If you have a rather thick and short neck, stick to a lay down collar type. For all other body shapes, mandarin collars could be a really good choice.

To complete your stylish tuxedo, consider purchasing colored wedding shoes, which are a new wedding fashion trend that is picking up fast for both women and men. Instead of the traditional black color, why not spice it up with sharp white or grey shoes!

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