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Wedding Tuxedos For Groom And Groomsmen Colors – Hot Trends!

By December 19, 2012No Comments

Wedding Tuxedos For GroomBe sure to embrace the hottest trends when it comes to choosing wedding tuxedos for groom and his groomsmen. While it’s nice to dress the traditional part of the dreamy groom, groomsmen attire can be up to date, stylish, and even colorful. Read on to learn about some of the hottest trends in wedding tuxedos with grooms and their groomsmen to determine if they will work with your wedding’s theme or décor color scheme.

Many men are tying the knot in color. Now, more than ever it is acceptable to step away from the traditional black tux and wear something warmer. For grooms who are having a very formal affair, wedding tuxedos for groom and his groomsmen are being traded for a light grey suit. Light grey, just like black; is an incredible neutral tone that can look complementary with virtually any color. It enhances bridesmaids’ gowns, and reception and ceremony décor without providing too much contrast with the bride’s ensemble. Men who are having a more casual bridal ceremony are wearing a navy blue tuxedo. This is especially appropriate for spring and summer outdoor weddings, or even for early fall ceremonies.

Groom suits are also changing in style. Traditionally, a two button tux was the way to go. Today, any kind of button option is in! Grooms look great in a one button jacket. They sometimes have their groomsmen match their style. Or, grooms wear one style of buttons, and allow the groomsmen to wear either another button style or mix it up by allow them to choose their own; much like brides do with the color and fit of bridesmaid dresses.

Adding texture is also another hot trend for wedding tuxedos for groom and his groomsmen. Many grooms who are embracing a retro themed wedding are going for tuxedos featured in creamy crushed velvet. Grooms who are having a destination wedding on a beach are also going less formal and are embracing a textured, soft, white linen suit. When it comes to texture, usually grooms who are having less formal ceremonies and receptions are embracing this trend.

Alternating bow tie and neck ties is also a hot and playful trend with grooms and their groomsmen. Men are starting to get and give more choices when it comes to dressing the part for their special day. Grooms are rocking a traditional tie, while groomsmen are able to select their own bow or neck tie in a solid color or complementary patterned print.

If you want to be up to do and in style for your upcoming special event, be sure to try some of these ideas for wedding tuxedos for groom and his groomsmen.

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