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Wedding Veil Styles 2011 Trends


Wedding Veil StylesIf you thought you would never want to wear a veil at your wedding, you may want to think again! Wedding veil styles are very chic this year and can be the perfect accessory to your wedding dress. When we think of lace wedding veils, many of us think of the “chapel” veil – the yards of lace that start at the bride’s head and fall to the floor. Or the “cathedral” veil – the veil style worn at royal weddings. However, you can choose a bridal headpiece that has a veil, but does not weigh your head down or hide you from your wedding guests!

Wedding veil styles in 2011 are as diverse as they are trendy! The throwback look is definitely in style as vintage weddings are becoming more and more popular. The cage veil can be used with a vintage wedding dress and is short and length and easy to wear. Bridal hair clips are a great way to hold a cage veil so that the veil is the focus instead of a tiara. When considering wedding veil styles, think of a “pouf” veil. Like the cage, it is short in length, and as its name suggests, it is simply a pouf of lace or netting that gives the appearance of a veil but does not cascade. The “mantilla” veil is also making a comeback this year. The mantilla is a lace veil that is rimmed in lace and is worn around the bride’s face. This Spanish looking veil has a traditional and very feminine look that has become appealing in this year’s wedding veil styles.

Choosing wedding veil styles can be overwhelming so consider looking at designer wedding veils and have your veil custom made to match or come close to a designer veil of your choosing. Many celebrities have their veils tailored to the shape of their face, or to the look of their dress, and you can do the same!

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