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Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Vow Ideas For Civil Ceremony

By July 22, 2011July 4th, 2019No Comments

Wedding Vow IdeasAre you reciting your own wedding vows at your ceremony? Are you looking for wedding vow ideas? Perhaps you have decided to use non religious wedding vows in your service. Or maybe you are having a civil ceremony, but want to infuse religion into the wedding, like saying Catholic wedding vows to each other. Writing wedding vows is not an easy task as these are the words you pledge to each other for life. What elements should you include? Are there limitations to wording you can use in civil ceremonies? Should you write your vows together?

If you are having a civil ceremony for your wedding, the words you choose for your vows can be whatever you and your partner choose them to be. A practical idea is to write as many vows as possible, and then scale down your words, at least in half. You want to say everything to your spouse that is in your heart, but you do not want the vows to continue on and on, especially if your guests will not be able to hear them. Some other wedding vow ideas are reciting parts of a poem to each other CM Trading, or writing your vows in a poem fashion. When the groom is finished, the poem continues with the bride’s words.

There are many wedding vow ideas, however adding a touch of humor to your vows is always a fun and special touch. Vow to love your spouse for eternity and to do your best to never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Or maybe you will vow to take care of your spouse through good times and bad, and promise to work on being on time to important events. Some very special wedding vow ideas stem from writing your vows personally and revealing them to each other at the ceremony. Whether you are humorous and your spouse is romantic, or you both say almost the same thing, the love and surprise from your intended as you recite your words to them will be worth the wait from the moment you are engaged and your engagement photographer captures your image, to the trip up the aisle to say your vows to the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

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