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Weddings On Cruise Ships – Cruise Lines Comparison!

By September 18, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Weddings On Cruise ShipsOne way to combine your wedding and honeymoon is to take a cruise with your family and friends. Many cruise lines offer all inclusive wedding packages so that all of your wedding needs are met. If you are looking at beachfront weddings or if you wish to be wed at sea, many cruise lines are accustomed to many different wedding preferences. Unless you have your heart set on castle wedding venues, weddings on cruise ships are unique opportunities to have lasting memories!

Weddings on cruise ships can be simple to plan, as wedding coordinators are available on board. However, they can be costly as well so it is important you find the right cruise company. Whether you are considering Bahama weddings, or a wedding in the Mediterranean, several different cruise lines offer specials when it comes to weddings on cruise ships. Princess Cruises offer several options for weddings on cruise ships. You can be wed on the shore, in a harbor or at sea. Each of their packages come with several commodities, and they take care of all of your details for you such as the photographer, flowers, music, wedding cake, champagne and so much more!

Another expert when it comes to weddings on cruise ships is the Carnival cruise line. Carnival offers packages based on the number of guests and how long you would like your reception to last. If you are traveling with a small number of people, the cost is very affordable for all of your wedding and reception needs! They also offer an on island wedding package if you prefer dry land to exchange your vows.

The Royal Caribbean cruise line also offers special deals to bridal parties. They offer a seven-day wedding and honeymoon combined package called “Adventures of the Seas” that will take you to several islands during your romantic wedding adventure. In addition to the seeing the islands, there are many things to do on board their cruise ships from nightly entertainment to rock wall climbing and even ice-skating.

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