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Bridal Shower

Who Pays For The Bridal Shower And Favors Etiquette

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 Who Pays For The Bridal Shower Bridal shower etiquette can be a tricky thing. Who pays for the bridal shower, and how do you approach the host about the planning and preparation for the special occasion? Read on to learn about who takes on financial responsibility, decorates the venue, orders the food and favors, and who plans the bridal shower games and activities according to the unwritten rules of bridal shower etiquette.

First, when it comes to answering the question about who pays for the bridal shower, it is normally whoever throws the event, or generally the women in the bridal party. The maid or matron of honor takes initiative to first select a date that works for the bride to be, then runs it by the other members of the bridal party, and then books a venue. Today, many mothers or the bride and future mother in laws also chip in to cover the cost of the food and flowers, but when it comes to who pays for the bridal shower, the main responsibility falls on the bridesmaids.

Once a venue is booked, a menu is planned and a beverage package is purchased. Generally, the average cost of a shower is about $25 per person, but can be less or more depending on your venue, choices, and needs.

The maid or matron of honor is responsible for selecting invitations and is in charge of wording for bridal shower invitations. She should make sure the name of the venue, date and time of the shower, and directions to the location are included in the invitation. She should also state that the shower is being given by the bridal party. If parents are also chipping in on the cost, then the maid of honor should state the shower is given by friends and family members of the bride; but to RSVP to the maid of honor.

The bridal party also selects the centerpieces. Traditionally, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom pay for the pieces. There are many bridal shower centerpiece ideas that can reflect a shower’s theme. From vases, to flowers, and even edible arrangements; choosing the right centerpiece pulls together a shower and can be purchased or made to complement a number of price points.

While nowadays the traditional wedding rules have become much more flexible, so it is not uncommon to see a generous bride who pays for the bridal shower, when it comes down to the more proper etiquette with respect to who pays for the bridal shower, women in the bridal party should be prepared to shoulder the financial responsibilities in order to make the bride ecstatic and give her the bridal shower she has always dreamed about!

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