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Wide Width Wedding Shoes Flats Vs Low Heel – What To Choose?

By November 26, 2012No Comments

Wide Width Wedding ShoesSome brides require wide width wedding shoes to rely on comfort and style for their wedding day. Luckily today, shoe vendors all over the world make fashionable styles in a wide width fit. On your wedding day you want to wear the most comfortable wedding shoes to get you through your ceremony and fun filled reception. Should you choose wide width wedding shoes in a flat style or a low heel? Read on to help you decide which will work best for you!

Flat bridal shoes are ideal for brides who are similar height or taller than their grooms. They also come in a variety of colors, styles, and embellishments for your big day. Many brides feel that flats are the most comfortable shoe to wear because their feet won’t ache after the taxing event and will not trip you up, like high heels sometimes do. Flats are also great to wear during fall and winter weddings, to cover you up and protect you from the elements. If you are planning to tie to knot on a grassy or sandy surface, flats are also your best bet. They will not get stuck in the ground or be difficult to walk on soft surfaces in. Some brides dislike flat, wide width wedding shoes for their wedding day look because they tend to rub at the heel and ankle, leaving blisters and bleeding sores. If you are going to wear flats, be sure to break them in the week before your wedding day around your house or apply a coat of liquid Band-Aid to protect your ankle and heel from any rubbing that may occur throughout your evening.

A low heel is one of the most popular shoes to choose with today’s brides. Wedding shoes low heel is great for brides who are close in height with their grooms. They receive some lift but will not tower over their grooms. Kitten heel wedding shoes are also less painful to wear than stiletto heels. They are less likely to trip you up when walking down the aisle or dancing at your reception. A low heel can be worn during any season. Choose a closed toe style for fall and winter weddings, and a peep toe or strappy style for spring and summer weddings.

If you need wide width wedding shoes, you do not have to sacrifice style or quality. Consider the time of your wedding, venue and personal needs when it comes to choosing between flats or a low heel to complete your wedding day look.

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