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Bachelorette Party

Wild Bachelorette Party – Do’s And Don’ts!

By June 20, 2011September 25th, 2012No Comments

Wild Bachelorette PartyWild bachelorette party is one of the leading in popularity themes in the recent years for many brides to be. If you are a bride who likes walking on the wild side of things, wild bachelorette party could be a great night in or out if you follow our basic bachelorette party etiquette do’s and don’ts to insure the comfort and safety of you and your guests.

Do plan a great wild bachelorette party by inviting a male stripper, going bar hopping or having a romance themed party at home.

Don’t make your bachelorette party embarrassing or uncomfortable for the bride to be or her guests. Let’s make it clear that a wild bachelorette party should not bring discomfort or put the bride to be or her guests in dangerous predicaments. Discuss all bachelorette party questions and concerns with the bride beforehand to insure the best possible wild bachelorette party outcome.

Do create a great wild bachelorette party menu and include plenty of refreshment choices including champagne, beer or wine.

Don’t let the wild bachelorette party get out of hand by planning ahead of time for several members of the party to remain sober to keep control of the situation. Rent a limousine in case you are planning to go bar hopping to ensure everyone’s safety.

Do invite previously approved by the bride guests so you can all have fun and celebrate the last days before the big event in the bride’s life.

Don’t include her mother- in- law or grandma in the wild bachelorette party planning since it might simply be too embarrassing for them or the bride to be.

It’s OK to plan a two part wild bachelorette party starting with a proper sit down dinner and followed by a wild night out on town exclusively with your girlfriends. A scenario like this usually makes both parties happy.

The last but not least piece of advice to make any bachelorette party a hit – the maid of honor is responsible for organizing bachelorette party checklist and delegating duties to the rest of the bridesmaids. The expenses for the bachelorette party are usually split among bridesmaids and should not be imposed on the bride to be.

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