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Will Trumpet Wedding Dresses With Lace Work For Your Body Type?


Trumpet Wedding DressesSound the trumpets! It’s your wedding day. Trumpet wedding dresses create a modern, sexy, and winning wedding day look. However, they are not for everybody type. Trumpet style wedding dresses look beautiful on the rack, but only certain figures can pull them off on their big day. Read on to decide if a trumpet wedding gown will work for you.

Also known as Spanish style wedding dresses, trumpet gowns get their playful and musical name from a trumpet’s shaped. Their fit and flare silhouette hugs the body, curving in and out, up and down the body. Also very similar to mermaid wedding dresses, trumpet gowns usually have a signature flare hemline down around the ankle of the dress. The dresses are featured in a variety of materials such as satin, organza, and taffeta; but by far look most flattering when worn in lace.

Lace is a forgiving fabric. Its texture is stiffer and its slight thickness provides maximum coverage on even the most less than desirable areas of your body. This is important when wearing any tight and formfitting style dress, like trumpet wedding dresses.

Trumpet dresses look most flattering on fit and thin bodies. However, this does not mean women with curves should avoid this dress all together. Trumpet wedding dresses create curves for women lacking them, but can also emphasize a curvy woman in all the right places. Some dress features can help create a slimming and streamlined look for larger bodies.

Wearing a trumpet gown with a sweetheart or scoop neckline draws the eye upward, putting a lot of emphasis on the bust and shoulders and taking attention away from the middle, hips, and bottom. Wearing sparkling and bold statement accessories on the neck will also do the trick. Halter necklines or asymmetrical cuts also have an eluding effect while providing support. Illusion necklines are also a popular choice for diverting attention away from the tummy and complement a vintage wedding party theme and look.

Wearing a forgiving fabric like lace, rather than satin will also flatter bigger bodies. Satin tends to show off every bump and lump, while lace has more of a smoothing and concealing effect.

High heels help create a longer and leaner look on any type of body shape. The bottom and mid-section gets an instant lift, while legs and ankles become more sculpted and appear firmer. Adding a flash of color to the high heels is also a huge trend with modern brides, so you can double up on mixing style with function.

Trumpet wedding dresses may not be for everyone, but there are some fool proof tricks to try to create a beautiful wedding day look wearing this form fitting dress.

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