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Winter Wedding Shoes – Do’s And Dont’s!


Winter Wedding ShoesWhen choosing wedding accessories, there are many details that need to be thought through. Whether you are checking out wedding tuxedo rentals or purchasing shoes or bridal fascinators, you need to get the perfect accessories to compliment your gown. If you are planning a winter wedding, the perfect shoe search can get a little tricky. Every bride wants shoes that are elegant as well as beautiful. When picking out winter wedding shoes that are some do’s and don’ts that need to be considered.

Let’s begin with some of the do’s of picking out winter wedding shoes. Depending on the location, you want something that will not make you slip and fall. There can be almost nothing worse than walking up to your wedding and slipping and breaking an ankle. You want shoes that will have some ankle support and if possible they have a little tread on their bottoms so you won’t slip if it is snowy or rainy outside.

There are now also many beautiful bridal boots that the bride can go with instead of more common winter wedding shoes such as pumps. In fact, vintage lace bridal bootie or a chic white leather boot with either fur, feathers or other funky decorations in fabric, pearls, and lots of shiny studs, are all extremely fashionable for the 2013 winter season. Note that the the decorative details on the boot are one of the definite do’s for your special day this season, be it for bridal booties or pumps.

Finally, while wearing a pair of winter white shoes is a classic choice, one of the do’s to consider is wearing colored wedding shoes in metallic shades such as silver or brighter choices such as royal blue color, which is a hot new trend! Don’t be shy with bold colors as they are in style throughout 2013, but if you prefer more pastel shades such as light peach or teal, these are also great choices for 2013 winter wedding shoes for a retro or vintage style wedding.

Now for the dont’s of winter wedding shoes. Do not wear shoes with real high spiked heels… outside. The bride may have to navigate through wet or icy stairs, so wear more weather-appropriate bridal booties, or even the now-popular bridal white sheep fur Uggs, and save the stylish stilettos for the indoor ceremony. Do not wear sandals unless you get married in a hot climate on a cruise ship or an all-inclusive Southern resort, as the bride may end up with frozen feet and spend her honeymoon in bed with a cold. Traditionally, it is best to avoid open toe strappy sandals altogether for a winter indoor ceremony, because the summer-looking foot wear may clash with the guests’ more winter appropriate shoe selection. If wearing summer-ish bridal shoes is one of your must do’s, then consider a peep-toe pump with a closed backside.

If you must have Cinderella wedding shoes for your fairy-tale fantasy wedding, consider wearing a pair of slip-proof slippers into the church or hall that is hosting the wedding and slipping into the sparkly shoes of your choice right before walking down the isle. It is still a good idea to go with closed toed shoes in the winter, be it Cinderella wedding shoes or other stylish pumps.

Whatever winter wedding shoes the bride chooses they should be comfortable and safe for her to navigate down the aisle in. If you are looking for high-end bridal winter foot wear, Oscar De La Renta wedding shoes will accommodate these requirements perfectly. If you still can’t decide what winter wedding shoes to wear, you are better off picking 2 pairs for wearing outside and inside.

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