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Writing Wedding Vows: 5 Tips For The Groom

By August 19, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Writing Wedding VowsWriting wedding vows is not an easy task, so don’t mess it up grooms-to-be! Not to add any pressure on you, but you are going to need some amazing wedding vow ideas! Whether you choose to write contemporary wedding vows or stick to a traditional feel, these are the words you are using to dedicate your life to the woman you love, so they must be perfect. Here are five tips for writing wedding vows:

1. Many people choose humorous wedding vows. Sharing laughter while you are tying the knot is a beautiful way to celebrate your union with your bride. When writing wedding vows, remember to keep them sweet if you decide to add comedic elements to your words.

2. A fun activity is to ask your guests at your engagement party to write down one of their wedding vows, or ask them to help you write vows to your bride-to-be. This can be included in your engagement party games and activities, and you will receive some very funny vows!

3. Writing wedding vows can be more meaningful if you sit down with your bride-to-be and write them together. You can tailor the vows to each other needs and wants or expectations. This way, there are no surprises or disappointments when you read your words to her.

4. If you are a musician, sing or perform your vows to her. This will add a unique element to the ceremony. If you do not play an instrument and do not wish to sing a capella, prearrange with musicians to begin playing when it is time to recite your words to her.

5. Write your wedding vows in poetic form. This will show extra effort on your part and surprise your bride-to-be. If you write your words together, you can write a joint poem and she can pick up the poetry with her vows where you leave off.

However you choose to write and say your vows to your bride, these are words from your heart and should be words between you that solidify your bond and your decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

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