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Young Mother Of The Bride Dresses – 10 Chic Style Ideas

By December 6, 2012January 6th, 2013No Comments

Young Mother Of The Bride DressesIf you are a young mother of the bride, you need a chic dress that is less than matronly and high in age appropriate style. Young mother of the bride dresses are easy to find if you know what to shop for online and in stores. Read on to learn about how to look like the young mother of the bride that you are by purchasing a dress and wearing the right hairdos for weddings by trying these 10 chic style ideas.

1. Purple mother of the bride dresses have grown in popularity over the years. Put down the drab neutrals and pick up a vibrant and show stopping shade!

2. If you want to wear modern mother of the bride dresses, opt for dresses with lace sleeves. While they may look antiquated, nothing is more modern and chic than wearing vintage embellishments like lace, especially on sleeves!

3. If the bride to be insists that the mother of the bride dress is neutral and subdued, pair it with blue shoes for wedding. The hottest trend in the wedding fashion world is sporting a pop of color on your feet. If your daughter is getting married in the winter, throw on a luxurious authentic fur shawl, which is also a must-have style item for spicing up neutral toned gowns.

4. Wear a draped asymmetrical tea length jewel toned dress. The cut and color will look youthful while remaining chic and elegant.

5. Some other young mother of the bride dresses ideas include dresses that feature a print. Nothing is more chic than black and white ocelot print or chevron stripe for weddings taking place during any season, or a silver foil leaf print dress for around the winter holidays.

6. If you want a mother of the bride dress ideas that will make you appear youthful, consider wearing a gown with a dramatic plunging neckline. The complementary cut will make your neck appear longer and will draw attention to your bust and décolletage.

7. Wear a bright color! Mother of the bride dresses are usually featured in black, champagne, brown, or navy. Embrace a bright tone that is slightly lighter than what the bridesmaids are wearing. You can even try on a few neon tones for sultry summer weddings.

8. Wear a dress that has a jewel embellished neckline. You will make a youthful statement and will pull the eye upward, highlighting the smallest part of your body and keep the emphasis on your face and wedding hair style.

9. Consider a two tone style. Wear an interesting and light color in a strapless style on top in a pretty color like melon. Pair it with a form fitting A-line skirt bottom in a contrasting but complementary color like turquoise for spring and summer weddings.

10. Show a little back! Since all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle before the bride, show off some of your best youthful body features. Wear a shimmering champagne gown that has a deep V-neck in the back of the dress. You will look young and wedding appropriate on your daughter’s big day.

Mother of the bride dresses do not have to be boring or conservative. Try some of the suggested ideas above to achieve a youthful look when it is your time to be the mother of the bride!

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